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What is the story about?

WHEN THE infamous Red Iron Wizard passed on in a terrific conflict that destroyed a city, the Reverend Korbl Thayer ‘tamed’ the dread wizard’s apprentice and secretly took the young man under his wing. Years later, as a member of Thayer’s secret society of mages, Ari Horentz finds himself living in the shadow of his master’s accomplishments. While his peers and colleagues expect great things from him, Ari does not know if he is equal to the task.

So when the opportunity to prove himself comes along, Ari prepares himself to embark on a thankless, dangerous journey to cure the world, as is a good wizard’s wont: to dispel a powerful curse that has condemned the Nims Forest to an eternal winter.

With his twin brother Beyu, his friends and colleagues Mabel, Ferne, and Hochw├╝rden Luvere, Ari will do what he must to become the legend that his master was. But what kind of future awaits him in the cursed forest…?