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Picture Ari Horentz          Age: 25      Sign: Taurus

A country lad with big city learning, also a hedgemage being ‘subsidized’ by the clandestine Drezden Society. As the only living apprentice of the infamous Red Iron Wizard, Ari has a lot to live up to among the underground mage community. He likes dogs, old books, and riding out in the country so long as no one tries to make him deliver something.

Picture  Gustav Rockow          Age: 17      Sign: Gemini

Brother Rockow is a young,pub-loving Grieveist choir monk. Highly intelligent, cheerful, resourceful, and serves as a personal gopher to the Head of the mysterious Drezden Society. The only reason why he’s not the main character of the story is because he knows a suicide mission when he hears one.

Picture Beyu Horentz          Age: 25      Sign: Taurus

Ari’s twin brother, older by five minutes. Kind of a brute country thug, prefers to solve problems with hard work or punching. Surprisingly patient, but has a snappish temper when irritated. Prefers to play second fiddle or support roles. Likes dogs, pudding, and being standoffish.

Picture Die Faust          Age: 65      Sign: Aquarius

‘Die Faust’ or ‘the Fist’ is the codename for the Head of the Drezden Society. Known by ordinary people as the Reverend Korbl Thayer, Die Faust is responsible for much of the long-term planning of Historical Events and the selection of agent candidates. Formerly a pugilist, he has fists the size of hams and the constitution of an ox despite his age. Like Ari, he too is secret practitioner of the arcane arts, and is said to be a powerful manipulator.

PictureDavine Luvere          Age: 51      Sign: Libra

Hochwürden Luvere is a priest of the the Holy Order of the Dionist Church, and is also one of Die Faust’s many mission supervisors. Strict, stern, and grim, he was formerly a street surgeon with a bloody career before becoming inducted into the Society. Davine is self-taught, well-read, and apparently has some skill with a sword. His wife knits him ugly sweaters.

Picture  Mabel Chaisson          Age: 26      Sign: Capricorn

Hailing from a disputed region and without brothers, Mabel was raised by her ex-soldier father with her hand to the sword and spear. She is a childhood friend and neighbour to the Horentz brothers, whom she had taught how to ride a horse. In addition to loving horses, Mabel enjoys herbalism, the colour blue, and proper sword weight.

Picture  Ferne Berenger          Age: 22      Sign: Sagittarius

A denizen of the Saiben hills. Ferne was a friend to Ari’s old master. Like Ari, she is the heir to one of the Red Iron Wizard’s secrets. She has odd-coloured eyes: one blue, one green, and she was not born that way. Her best friend is a rare breed of riding-deer named Tzevi, who also serves as her mount.


The Kesaphim

Picture  Flammarion          Spirit Animal: Stag

Was once a noble warrior, and is now cursed into the form of a stag. Der Erlkönig now hunts him endlessly throughout the shadows of the Nims forest. Previously, Flammarion’s personality consisted of being super-serious, bodyguarding the king, and hoarding salt licks.

Picture  Sepharial          Spirit Animal: Raven

Crankiest member of the Kesaphim, best spellcaster, most social. He is known among the dwarves as ‘Ingram’, but doesn’t really mingle with humans; they’re too short-lived and look too much like his own people. Takes on the form of an ancient raven.

Picture  Ylva          Spirit Animal: Snowy Owl

Commander of the Kesaphim now that Flammarion and the others are lost to the shadow realm. Best long-range fighter, stalker, hunter. She spends a lot of time just watching events unfold, always waiting for the right time to act. Takes on the form of an ancient snowy owl.

Picture  Crommelin          Spirit Animal: Mountain Cat

Youngest of the Kesaphim, best hand-to-hand fighter, best stamina, strongest. Optimistic, always has a tale to tell, likes eating small things. Takes on the form of a giant mountain cat.

The Antagonists

Picture  Laurustinus             Magic Schtick: All-Seeing Eye

Also known as the Watcher. He creeps around keeping an eye on things, and knows where you sleep at night.

Picture  Henthred           Magic Schtick: Math

Kind of a giant dickhole when it comes to being a super-powered ancient accountant. Has a thing for skulls.

Picture  Vigalas          Magic Schtick: Violence

A hyperviolent, self-obsessed sociopath, just like everybody else we know. Has a horribly infectious laugh.

Picture  Darkoon           Magic Schtick: enchanted spear

Known as Drakkon, or the Dragon among the Waeron military forces. A fearsome warrior with much tactical experience. And he totally appropriated that spear.

The (Mostly) Dead

Picture  Manhig Mibzar           Spirit Form: Soul of the Storm

The first of the Two Legendary Heroes of Noldar, called ‘The Hero of Men’. He was sainted by the Huldra of the Lake and received his Spear with which he uses to govern rainfall and storms.

Picture  Kenaz           Spirit Form: Spear of Lightning

The second of the Legendary Heroes of Noldar, called ‘The Shooting Star’. He was sainted by the Huldra of the Lake and received his Spear with which he uses to hurl lightning and fire.

Picture  Thrennian           Spirit Animal: Ptarmigan

Her skill with herbs and healing is surpassed only by her ability to stand unseen in plain sight. Her magic cloak allows her to camouflage perfectly with her surroundings, but provides only limited flight capacity.

Picture  Themmeron        Spirit Animal: Wolf

His ability to track by scent is unrivalled, and he can communicate over long distances with his earth-shattering howl. His magic cloak allows him to walk through any environment without leaving footprints or traces.

Picture  Varna        Spirit Animal: Rabbit

She can cover distances with superhuman speed. Unfortunately, she was punished for breaking her oath to the King when she fled the Horror in fear. She continues to roam the Nims in the form of a thousand winter rabbits.

Picture  Viburnum        Spirit Animal: Ram

He can shatter boulders with his head. He is the only Kesaph with facial hair, but he actually grows wool, not hair. A deadly encounter with a supernatural foe shattered his magic helm, and in a daze he wandered into the Nims, never to be seen again.

Picture  Saraturs          Spirit Animal: Bear

Powerful and ferocious, he can claw and tear his way through tree, root and stone with his fists and claws. His berserker rage makes him immune to spells and reason. His magic cloak enables him with great strength and a keen sense of smell.

Picture   Silvine          Spirit Animal: Eagle

She can see perfectly clear across a thousand miles, and fly great distances without tiring. Her ability to hurl a spear with great accuracy is unmatched. Her magic cloak allows her to fly and summon powerful winds.

Picture  Der Erlkönig          Spirit Form: Wraith

The King of the Noldarrim was once a strong, noble lord, but was brought low by the presence of the Horror, which turned him into a dreaded wraith. Consumed by wrath, he now rides endlessly throughout the Nims in pursuit of the cursed stag Krampus, who was once his servant and is now his enemy.